Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 10 Feb 25

Hi friends of the internet,
Here is yet another creme-de-la-creme-list of things I liked from the past week of browsing the internet, hope you like as well.

I have a question to anyone that might know,
I found this really nice photos series on the other day, but cant figure out who shot them.

If anyone knows who created this series, please send me the link or the names to or leave it as a comment below.
Much appreciated.


Mr. J

1. Denise Nestor

About Denise:
I'm a graphic designer/illustrator living and working in dublin.

See more work by Denise HERE

2. Andreas Englund

Andreas on Andreas:
"Humour can be the carrier of messages that are
otherwise hard to convey.
For me, it liberates my thoughts and ideas from
pretentiousness while at the same time it opens
doors to new routes and angles."

Artist and Art Director Andreas Englund was born
1974 in Falun, Sweden.
Now he works and lives in Stockholm.

See more work by Andreas HERE

3. Kate Moross

Kate Moross is a designer and illustrator based in London.
Her achievements include a nationwide billboard campaign for Cadburys and a signature clothing range for Topshop. She has been profiled in Grafik Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Vice magazine and Creative Review, who selected her for a Creative Future award in 2007. Moross specialises in design and art direction for the music industry. She has worked with Allido Records (Mark Ronson’s label), Merok Records, Mystery Jets, Real Gold, designed merchandise for Simian Mobile Disco, Telepathe, Punks Jump Up, The Teenagers and Les Petits Pilous. In 2008 Kate Moross was named at number 18 in the NME’s Future 50 innovators driving music forward. Moross owns and runs a Vinyl only record label, Isomorph Records, set up in order to explore further the relationship between design and music.

See more work by Kate HERE or at Breed london

4. Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and custom chalk letterer who hails from the Lone Star State, but currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.
She enjoys crafting, reading, walking, and especially listening to Country music from the 1990s.
In June 2008, Dana moved to New York City and began working at SpotCo designing posters for Broadway shows. Currently, she works at Louise Fili Ltd, a NYC-based studio specializing in logo, package, restaurant, and book design.
After hours, she can be found writing on people's walls all over New York City as a custom chalk letterer. And she is most certainly available for commission.
Dana's chalk lettering has recently been featured on blogs such as 100 Layer Cake, Hello!Lucky, Quipsologies, DesignWorkLifeApartment Therapy, Martha Stewart Weddings and

See more work by Dana HERE

5. Laurie Simmons

Laurie Simmons was born on Long Island, New York, in 1949. She received a BFA from the Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia (1971). Simmons stages photographs and films with paper dolls, finger puppets, ventriloquist dummies, and costumed dancers as “living objects,” animating a dollhouse world suffused with nostalgia and colored by an adult’s memories, longings, and regrets. Simmons’s work blends psychological, political and conceptual approaches to art making, transforming photography’s propensity to objectify people, especially women, into a sustained critique of the medium. Mining childhood memories and media constructions of gender roles, her photographs are charged with an eerie, dreamlike quality. On first glance her works often appear whimsical, but there is a disquieting aspect to Simmons’s child’s play as her characters struggle over identity in an environment in which the value placed on consumption, designer objects, and domestic space is inflated to absurd proportions. Simmons’s first film, “The Music of Regret” (2006), extends her photographic practice to performance, incorporating musicians, professional puppeteers, Alvin Ailey dancers, Hollywood cinematographer Ed Lachman, and actress Meryl Streep. She has received many awards, including the Roy Lichtenstein Residency in the Visual Arts at the American Academy in Rome (2005); and fellowships from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (1997) and the National Endowment for the Arts (1984). She has had major exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (2006); Baltimore Museum of Art (1997); San Jose Museum of Art, California (1990); Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (1987); and has participated in two Whitney Biennials (1985, 1991). Simmons lives and works in New York.

See more work by Laurie HERE

6. Yowayowa camera woman aka Natsumi Hayashi

yowayowa camera woman = natsumi on yowayowa camera woman = natsumi :
Lives in Tokyo with two cats. 
Photographs mainly levitating self-portraits (and cats not levitating). 
yowayowa is a Japanese term meaning "weak" or "feeble." Since I'm yowayowa, it's really heavy to carry SLR cameras around.

Check out Yowayowa camera woman's awesom blog HERE

7. Marcos Chin

Marcos Chin graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), in Toronto, Canada.
Since then, his work has appeared as surface and wall designs, on book and CD covers, advertisements, fashion catalogues, and magazines. He has received a countless number of awards in the field of illustration, including a gold medal at The Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles, and has had his work published in such illustration annuals as The Society of Illustrators New York and LA, Communication Arts, American Illustration and Applied Arts. Perhaps the most recognizable work amidst his portfolio are the illustrations he has done for Lavalife's international advertising campaign which have appeared on subways, billboards, print and online.

Marcos has given lectures throughout the US and Canada and currently lives in New York City, where he teaches Fashion Illustration at the School of Visual Arts.

See more work by Marcos HERE

8. Sarah Harvey

About Sarah:
Sarah Harvey was born in London in 1981. She completed her education at Chelsea School of Art and Newcastle University, graduating in 2004. She has a studio at the Bow Arts Trust in East London.

In 2003 Harvey won the Bartlett Travel Scholarship whilst studying at Newcastle University. She subsequently visited Florence and the surrounding areas of Tuscany, and it was during this trip she happened upon a green swimming pool that has inspired much of her work to date.

"My paintings of figures floating are predominantly self portraits. I aim to create paintings that arouse both a sense of well being and pleasure, whilst simultaneously suggesting notions of insecurity, fantasy and sexuality. Entirely suspended by the water, the human forms are fragmented by the ripples and swirls created by the water, abstracting them, and often with implausible results such as the appearance of disfiguration or distortion. I have become increasingly excited about the abstract elements in these works, and the interplay between light, colour and water. The emerging patterns are becoming more apparent and dominant, drawing the eye not only towards the main focal point of the human form, but also to the surrounding areas, which are of equal significance.

I am greatly influenced by Francis Bacon's Carcass and crucifixion paintings, and of course by the work of Jenny Saville. Both of these figurative artists are intensely intrigued by the imagery of flesh � in both ugly and magnificently beautiful ways."

See more work by Sarah HERE

9. Ashley Percival

Ashley on Ashley:  I have recently graduated from Falmouth University. I get most of my inspiration from wildlife and nature. Most of the illustrations on my shop are limited edition making them collectable.

See more work by Ashley HERE

10. Hollis Bennett - 70000 Tons of Metal

Hollis Bennett about 70000 Tons of Metal:
Someone thought it would be a great idea to charter a cruise ship from Miami to Mexico and back, fill it with MetalHeads from around the world, invite 42 of the best bands on the planet and stock the boat with as much beer as possible. This is what I saw.

Hollis Bennett (b.1981) Knoxville, Tennessee. Has been in constant motion chasing the next image. His work has been recognized in the US and internationally and he is actively pursuing further commissions in Fine Art and Documentary/Editorial photography, collectors, and gallery representation.  

Shooting primarily with a 4x5 camera, Hollis travels extensively searching to expand his portfolio and expand his time here. Most recently Hollis has been living part time in Nashville, TN and part time on the road in such places as Alaska, Western Canada, Mexico, Africa and so on.  

Statement  I am concerned with making honest, sincere and more often than not, stoic photographs of the people that color his life and the surroundings on which life's stories are played out. While not entirely concise, yet not broad in spectrum my photographs leave enough to the viewer to actively inquire and question the images in front of them. Context and exclusion are a large part of my image making process whereby I believe that what is not in the frame can be as powerful and important as what is included in the frame.  

I believe that I have recently turned a corner in my career where I am focusing more and more on the human condition and how discreet, individual surroundings inform and influence my subjects, and inherently, myself as well.

See more work by Hollis HERE