Thursday, October 21, 2010

1. Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers

2. Max

Max constructed his first Polaroid camera out of paper and scotch tape when he was seven years old. To this day, he is fond of scrap and simplicity, as well as vinyl figures and the entire city of Tokyo.
Like you, Max has an incurably romantic spirit that is warmly reflected in his wedding photos, as well as those that focus on food, fashion, foreign capitals, friends, and loved ones. 
That's a lot of "f" words. Max welcomes your calls, e-mails, and good wishes.

Check out portfolio and his blog.

3. Buck

Specializing in design-driven creative, Buck’s directors and artists use animation, visual effects and live action to collaborate with clients, from concept to delivery, producing work that is visceral, innovative, and diverse.
From offices in New York and Los Angeles, Buck works with a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, retail, film and entertainment industries.

See more Buck stuff HERE

4. Kyle Bean

Kyle on Kyle
I am a Brighton based designer specialising in hand crafted models, prop styling and art direction. Having graduated from the University of Brighton in 2009, I am currently working freelance.
I have been involved in projects for a variety of clients including a viral animation for the BBC, editorial illustrations for the New York Times Magazine and shop window displays for Selfridges, Liberty and Hermes.
I am represented by Blinkart.

See Kyles portfolio HERE

5. 2010 Vimeo Awards

The Vimeo dudes are very proud to announce the winners of the 2010 Vimeo Awards. These exemplary films and videos were culled form over 6500 submissions and voted on by our esteemed judges.

Check out the winners HERE

6. Fly Arts Interior Design Typography

Fly Arts from Moscow has made this very cool ‘Interior Design’ 3D typo with furniture, doors, stairs, lawns and much more.
This is almost like a modern dollhouse-cross between architecture, design and typography. Steady hands, I say!


7. Martine Johanna

Martine Johanna Fine arts and contemporary illustrations
Working from February 2008 to Present
Techniques: graphite drawings, paintings, photography, stop motion movies and sculpture.
Inspiration; original culture, symbolism, organic abstractions, fashion, art, natural earth, life, love and death.

Quote: "My work reveals parts of my personality in which lies a slightly darker side and an undertow of sexual tension."

See more work by Martine HERE

8. Nick van Woert

Nick van Woert 
Reno, Nevada 1979 
Lives in Brooklyn, 

See more work by Nick HERE

9. The Japanese Popstars Feat. Green Velvet - Let Go

Making Of...​15541932

Music video to accompany The Japanese Popstars' new track 'Let Go'. Featuring techno artist Green Velvet on vocals, and follows on from their 'Destroy EP'.
Created over an intensive 20 day period in September 2010.

Directed by David Wilson
Produced by Serena Noorani and Tamsin Glasson at Colonel Blimp ( )
Commissioned by Nicola Brown for Virgin/EMI
Primary Illustrator - Keaton Henson
Secondary Illustrators - David Wilson and Andres Guzman
Drawn Animation - Malcolm Draper, Matt Lloyd, Ed Suckling, Toby Jackman, Elena Pomares, David Wilson, Jamie Page
Flash Animation - Michael Zauner, John Malcolm Moore, Ed Suckling, Toby Jackman, Elena Pomares, Andrew Clarke
After Effects Compositing and Effects - Andy Montague via The Mill
Colouring - Christopher Wright, Sally Hancox, Zoe Hough, Alex Simpson, Josh Stocker 

10. James Day

For more work and information visit Levine/Leavitt