Friday, March 12, 2010

Top 10 March 12

Forgot to have a intro for this weeks Top 10,
well i'm home sick so i can blame it on my weak condition.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

1. Ron van der Ende - Awesome wood-work

Perspective bas-reliefs of cars and industrial-age imagery using reclaimed timber. Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

See more kick ass work by Ron HERE

2. The Sandpit

See how they made it HERE

3. Bec Winnel

Bec Winnel is a self taught artist and illustrator with formal training in Graphic Design through Swinburne in Melbourne, where she now lives.

Her unique, delicate and soft portraits are dosed with sensuality and emotion, and created by blending layer upon layer of colour pencil, graphite and pastel. Her work has been described as reminiscent of vintage Victorian postcards and like melancholy souls staring out at you through disguised, beautiful faces.

Bec works full time as a graphic designer and in her spare time, works as an illustrator and artist, exhibiting her work in group shows when she can. She is currently working towards her first solo show early next year.

See more of her work HERE

4. Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova

Artist Statement:
My need to work with dolls became evident as a calling when I was six years old. As a child I became painfully aware and appalled at the mediocrity and the uninspired dullness of mass-produced dolls. This profound frustration coupled with my natural sensibilities inspired me to create my own dolls, suited to my own ideas of feminine beauty. A particular point of interest for me was not only the life-like articulation of the body, but also the beautiful balance between a delicate form and an extraordinary function of a doll.

At first, I just wanted to have beautiful toys to play with for a change, but soon, my desire to make dolls evolved into its own passion for its own sake, and by the time I was ten I no longer cared about playing with what I made, because designing and constructing them became the most challenging, intriguing and entertaining game of all.

Although I began selling my first articulated paper dolls to my classmates in grade five, I didn’t make a decision to commit to a career of doll making until I was twenty four years old and with 3 years of art school struggle under my belt. Surprisingly it was my conceptual art training at the Emily Carr Institute of art and design that influenced this choice, shaping the direction and stylistic qualities of my work into its present form.

When I needed to come up with brand name to give my dolls an identity, I decided to name them after Paul Gallico’s fictional, short story called “Enchanted Doll”, where a young woman creates dolls with so much love that they enchant people at first sight with their compelling, delicate, life-like beauty.

And this is my goal also.

See more of Marina Bychkova work HERE

(Cheers to Gina Rossi for passing this on)

5. Julie Moon

About Julie: Julie Moon is a Toronto based ceramic artist. She graduated from the Material Art and Design program at the Ontario College of Art and Design in April of 2003, with her diploma in fibre arts and her thesis work in ceramics. Prior to attending OCAD, Julie had studied fashion technology at George Brown College and spent over a decade working in the Toronto garment industry.

See more of Julie's work HERE

6. Bite Silverware by Mark A. Reigelman II

Mark A. Reigelman II has designed this Bite silverware in an effort to help raise awareness of worldwide epidemics such as starvation and obesity. He explains “each day millions of individuals lay in hunger while millions more are wastefully overeating. This set of ‘bitten’ silverware highlights the daunting reality of both worldly plagues.” (Via

See more work by Mark HERE

7. Adriana Muñoz

Adriana Muñoz was born in 1982 Barcelona, Spain; Graduate in Art & Design Escola Massana, Barcelona, 2005; Master in Arts: Illustration Camberwell College of Arts, London, 2008; Lives and works in London.

See her portfolio HERE

8. Harmony - Procedural Drawing Tool

Harmony is an HTML5-based online tool that lets you draw on a white canvas using different brushes. It’s nothing more than an experiment but it’s great nevertheless. It supports a very basic multiply blending effect (as seen in Photoshop) and the developer says it’s very first attempt to reproduce the functionalities of a drawing application after playing with the canvas element for some weeks.

Start drawing HERE

9. Paul Hollingworth

Paul on Paul:
I live and work as a Graphic Designer/illustrator in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. This allows me to take, use and work on my photography on a day to day bases. I joined Flickr mainly as a means of gathering new ideas as well as expanding my photography knowledge by learning from everyone's comments and criticisms.

Visit paul on flickr HERE

10. Microsoft's Courier - 'digital journal'

Read more about the Courier HERE