Friday, May 15, 2009

Top 10 May 15

So another Friday with 10 things i like from the past week of googeling. Cheers to Pam Buzick (4pamala) for twittering some of the better things this week.

Anyway, enjoy the list and see you in a week.


1. Notebook / Noteboek

Noteboek (English title: Notebook) consists of 4 short experimental films where Evelien Lohbeck tries to confuse reality. In these films, illusions and expectations are challenged.

Noteboek is a short film and part of Evelien Lohbeck graduation project.

Check out the film HERE


Here is Tstout with some some great movie poster remixes, quality illustrations.

Check out more posters HERE

Thursday, May 14, 2009

3. Peter, Bjorn and John - It Don't Move Me Video

Peter, Bjorn and John have a new music video out for their next single "It Don't Move Me", A Flash dance meets Napoleon Dynamite bonanza.
Director: Andreas Nilsson ;Filip Nilsson
Production: Furlined ; Folke Film
Producer: Erick Love Lundqvist
Director of Photography: Filip Nilsson

Check out the music video HERE

4. Google Reader Snow Leopard Theme

Sure it's quite geeky, but google reader has been the ugliest thing in my browser for a long time,
thank god for this new updated Snow Leopard themed version.

Pimp your Reader HERE

5. Jan Von Holleben

Kids + Ground = Playing with gravity

Check out Jans portfolio HERE

6. Living Sasquatch

From the people that worked on the Sensibles little 3D character comes Living Sasquatch for Jack Link's Beef Jerky. This time however it's gone all Augmented Reality (so hot right now) and you can record and send your video to friends.
Technically this is the first time I have seen this for AR for a consumer product. The ability to script animations and then record it is a nice extension to the standard load it up and go WOW. This gallery of entries definetly extends the experience.

Check out Sasquatch HERE

7. Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat

After one week of cat hysteria, the dead cat is still rolling!!!

Check out the Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat site HERE
Make your own Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat video HERE
Check out Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat on CNN HERE

8. The Puppet Show

The Puppet Show, the new artistic project by the photographers Winkler+Noah. 30 portraits of children from two to eight years old, taken very naturally and transformed into dolls by a subtle play of retouching. The photo-symbol of the show, has already received two of the most important awards on the international photographic scene: American Photography of New York and publication in the volume “200 Best Photographers Worldwide” by Luerzers Archive.

Check out The Puppet Show HERE

9. Metal Heart

Here is another visually stunning short film made by Keith Loutit, under the concept "Little Sydney" A project where he makes everything appear to be in miniature scale.
In this case a Monster Truck / Destruction Derby Festival.

Check out the movie HERE

10 Rawr!

Awesome t-shirt from, this tee will get your looks up there with Bret McKenzie from The Flights of the Conchords.

Get your own bear-shirt HERE